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Don’t let a linear design process snuff out your sparks of inspiration

2023 Reading List

I found this antique pitcher

Taking the next step in my career: building a company of one

2022 Reading List

Experimenting with layering, filtering, and masking in CSS

Ingredients for a great product design case study

On Creativity: My modest guide to being more creative

Good North Star, Bad North Star

How I unknowingly upped my visual design game

2021 Reading List

When in the design process should I use components in my design system?

Reminiscing on the magic of Optimizely’s early days


Books Read 2020

Product Manager and Product Designer: Who Does What?

Learning the True Power of Artist Dates

Notes from "Vernacular Eloquence"

My Experience with "The Artist's Way"

Lessons in Creativity from Leonardo

Exercises from 'Interaction of Color' by Josef Albers

Dear Designer: You Don't Need to Have All the Answers

The Power of Low-Fidelity

Site Redesign IV: Color, Layout, & Logo

Site Redesign III: Typography

Site Redesign II: Inspiration

Site Redesign I: The Guiding Concept

Books Read 2019

A cautionary tale about the importance of designing every screen

User Research Interview Tip: Shut. Up.

Interface Lovers Interview

What to Expect if I'm Your Manager

Adding clarity by removing information

My Yardstick for Empathy

Books Read 2018

My Beliefs About Design

How to Write Effective Advertisements, according to David Ogilvy

Notes from “Good Strategy / Bad Strategy”

Where do you get ideas for blog posts?

Discovery Kanban 101: My Newest Skillshare Class

Why I Blog

On Mastery

Stay Focused on the User by Switching Between Maker Mode and Listener Mode

Books Read in 2017

My Talk at Lean Kanban Central Europe 2017

My Progress with Hand Lettering

How to Say No to Your CEO Without Saying No

Artists don't distinguish between...

Shifting from a Product-centric to a Service-centric Mindset

Sol LeWitt - Wall Drawing

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