Jeff Zych


Thoughts on “The Gift”

Managing Design work with Discovery Kanban at Optimizely

Discovery Kanban at Optimizely

A Look Back at My Early Web Design Work

Icons are the Acronyms of Design

Designing Backwards

Play the Right Note

Color Saver

Things I Learned in 2015

Why Designers Should Code

Principles of Writing Well

Get Comfortable Sharing Your Shitty Work

“Did You A/B Test It?”

Link: The Notebooks of Optimizely's Design Team

Hiring Designers: Advice from Twitter, Uber, and GoPro

Behind the Design: Optimizely's Mobile Editor

Building an MVPP - A Minimum Viable Product we're Proud of

Why I Became a Design Manager

Warm Gun 2014 Conference Notes

Optimizely's iOS SDK Hits Version 1.0!

Testing Theory: Mo' Choices, Mo' Problems

What Does Computer Science and Typography Have in Common?

How Tina Fey’s “Lessons From Late Night” Apply to Product Design

1-year Retrospective

DRY isn't the One True Principle of CSS

Design Process of Optimizely's Sample Size Calculator

I, Too, Only Work On Unshiny Products

On Being a Generalist

Why We Hire UI Engineers on the Design Team

Matthew Carter’s “My Life in Typefaces”

Designing with instinct vs. data

Did you A/B test the redesigned preview tool?

When Do You Do User Testing?

Re-Designing Optimizely's Preview Tool

Response to CSS Regions Considered Harmful

Using Data for Social Proof

Why we built the Optimizely Styleguide

Using Channel Factors to Increase Offline Conversions

Fostering creative environments

Extend - SASS's Awkward Stepchild

Framing your message for maximum impact

Using Gradients In Place of Images

The Importance of Good Defaults

Automating Semantic Sprites with Compass

A More Semantic Approach to Spriting Images

Performance comparison of serving fonts through Typekit vs Cloud.typography

Everyone’s Reading This: Increase Conversions With Social Proof

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