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Interface Lovers Interview

What to Expect if I'm Your Manager

Adding clarity by removing information

My Yardstick for Empathy

Books Read 2018

My Beliefs About Design

How to Write Effective Advertisements, according to David Ogilvy

Notes from “Good Strategy / Bad Strategy”

Where do you get ideas for blog posts?

Discovery Kanban 101: My Newest Skillshare Class

Why I Blog

On Mastery

Stay Focused on the User by Switching Between Maker Mode and Listener Mode

Books Read in 2017

My Talk at Lean Kanban Central Europe 2017

My Progress with Hand Lettering

How to Say No to Your CEO Without Saying No

Artists don't distinguish between...

Shifting from a Product-centric to a Service-centric Mindset

Sol LeWitt - Wall Drawing

Books I Read in 2016

Thoughts on “The Gift”

Managing Design work with Discovery Kanban at Optimizely

Discovery Kanban at Optimizely

A Look Back at My Early Web Design Work

Icons are the Acronyms of Design

Designing Backwards

Play the Right Note

Color Saver

Things I Learned in 2015

Why Designers Should Code

Principles of Writing Well

Get Comfortable Sharing Your Shitty Work

“Did You A/B Test It?”

Link: The Notebooks of Optimizely's Design Team

Hiring Designers: Advice from Twitter, Uber, and GoPro

Behind the Design: Optimizely's Mobile Editor

Building an MVPP - A Minimum Viable Product we're Proud of

Why I Became a Design Manager

Warm Gun 2014 Conference Notes

Optimizely's iOS SDK Hits Version 1.0!

Testing Theory: Mo' Choices, Mo' Problems

What Does Computer Science and Typography Have in Common?

How Tina Fey’s “Lessons From Late Night” Apply to Product Design

1-year Retrospective

DRY isn't the One True Principle of CSS

Design Process of Optimizely's Sample Size Calculator

I, Too, Only Work On Unshiny Products

On Being a Generalist

Why We Hire UI Engineers on the Design Team

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