Jeff Zych

#side project

  • My Progress with Hand Lettering

    I started hand lettering about a year and half ago, and I thought it would be fun to see the progress I've made by comparing my early, crappy work to my recent work.

  • Sol LeWitt - Wall Drawing

    I recently saw Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #273 at the SF MOMA, which really stayed with me after leaving the museum. In particular, I like that it wasn't drawn by the artist himself, but rather he wrote instructions for draftspeople to draw this piece directly on the walls of the museum, thus embracing some amount of variability.

  • Color Saver

    This weekend I built a quick Mac screensaver that displays the current time as a color. The hour is mapped onto the red channel, the minute onto the green channel, and the second onto the blue channel.

  • Principles of Writing Well

    Writing, like design, is a craft that can be practiced and improved. To do so, I've been compiling a collection of principles from books and articles. I decided to share them online to crystallize my own understanding of what I've learned so far, and to help others who want to improve at the craft of writing as well. I will continue to update the page as I learn more.