Jeff Zych

#The Artist's Way

  • On Creativity: My modest guide to being more creative

    Generate lots of options. Refine the best ones until you have something you like.

  • Learning the True Power of Artist Dates

    I saw a color palette I liked recently, and wanted to use it on something, but I had no project for it. I decided to just make some fake card UIs (plus I got to use some fonts I had been itching to use for awhile). There was no point to it other than playing with some colors and fonts. No one else saw it (until now). It will never be built. It won't win any design awards.

  • My Experience with "The Artist's Way"

    Creativity is an innate gift we all possess. And it's part of our nature to use that creativity. I firmly believe this, and so does The Artist's Way author, Julia Cameron. Unfortunately, for most of us, it's stamped out at an early age by education, society, friends, family, and other cultural norms. A lucky few get encouragement at a young age, or have enough creative energy to push through those headwinds, but the rest of us are left thinking we aren't "creative." Fortunately, Julia is here to undo that damage.