I’m Jeff, a humane designer & technologist.

I’m passionate about building products that improve people’s lives. I’m currently managing the product design team at Gladly. Formerly at Optimizely.

I ’ve defined my career by riding the line between design and code. I got my start building websites in high school, back when there was no distinction between “web design” and “web development,” and CSS wasn’t a “thing” yet. I indulged these twin interests by studying graphic communication and computer science at Cal Poly.

After college I went down the programming path by joining Cityspan as a Data Warehouse Developer. Over time my design muse got restless and rescued me from the database by sending me to UC Berkeley’s School of Information. While there I cut my teeth on user-centered design, and learned a ton about sociology, law & policy, technology, research, design, behavioral economics, and more.

While in grad school I took a class applying the learnings from behavioral economics to websites via A/B testing, which led me to join Optimizely after graduating. While there I continued moving between code and design, eventually becoming the head of the design team. After 5 and half years I was ready for a change, so I joined Casetext to build modern, easy-to-use legal tech tools. Now I’m at Gladly, spreading my code and design knowledge by managing the product design team.

Outside of work I like to play tennis, music (guitar, bass, and drums, but I’m pretty rusty now), hand letter, write, and spend time with my lovely fiancée eating, drinking, and traveling.

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A Few of My Beliefs About Design

  • Design is not the center of the universe. Design is one function of many at an organization.
  • Other departments have more customer contact than you. Listen to them.
  • Design needs to be aligned to the needs of the business, and deliver measurable business value. Don't design for design's sake.
  • Design doesn't own the customer experience. A great customer experience is the emergent outcome of the contributions of every department.

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